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I want to visit Guilin China, What meals and restaurants would you recommend?

Niall Michelsen ( US ) December 07,2011

I am a vegetarian...What meals and restaurants would you recommend?

Peggy Jiang( TCT Sales Representative ) April 10,2014

Peggy Jiang
Dear Niall Michelsen

Thanks for visiting TopGuilinTravel. I am Peggy answer your question about vegetarian meals and restaurants in Guilin.

Because a few of our clients are vegetarians so that we always book meals in our specified restaurants. That is to say, each restaurant picked by us can be recommended to you, such as Longze Tea & Drink House, Fulongxuan Restaurant, and restaurants in star-level hotels, etc…

And recommended vegetarian meals are different from one restaurant to another. Major meals are about braised fish, fruit & salad, vegetable soups, noodles, and bean curd dish, etc…

And further more, do you have a plan to travel to Guilin? If so, we are glad to be your Guilin tour advisor and help you to make out a customized vegetarian tour for you only.

Thanks for your mail again & Best Regards!