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Can I Take My Suitcase on Board of Li River Cruise

monique ( curacao ) July 15,2015

What possibilities are there for a very luxury li river cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo with pick-up from the hotel. No return. Can we take our suitcases on board? with regards, Monique

Sophie Huang( TCT Sales Representative ) July 15,2015

Sophie Huang

Hi, Monique,

Thank you very much for your attention. Well noted that you are interested in the Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo.

Please kindly be advised that it is possible to arrange a Li River cruise with pick-up from the hotel and transfer to pier for you to check in the cruise in the morning.

The Li River cruise is based on environmental protection boat with 2 decks.

It is ok to take your luggage on board if you do not mind carrying you luggage climbing the steps at the pier in Guilin and Yangshuo. As you know, there are often many steps at the piers when you check in or leave the the boat.

After getting on board, you could find a place to put your luggage, but not near to your seat as there isn't enough space under your seat or any luggage rank above your seat. You could check with the staff and see where you could put your luggage.

Hi, Monique, could you please let me know below information so that we could offer you the price for cruise with pick up from centrally located Guilin hotel.

1. When will you hope to take the cruise?

2. Which hotel will you stay in when you are in Guilin?

3. How many of you will travel together?