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clara ( mexico ) September 25,2014

Hi I have booked a tour with and already made ​​my first payment for the booking via PayPal and I'm paying the entire trip, just want to feel safe because the receipt says that payment is for You Guilin International Travel Service Co., Ltd are the same agency? Greetings! Tour code Lucía140715031

Sophie Huang( TCT Sales Representative ) September 26,2014

Sophie Huang
Dear Clara,

Greetings from Sophie, Top Guilin Travel.
Thank you very much for your attention with your questions.

I checked and find it is not our company’s website. Their contact is in Germany.
Besides you mentioned the invoice they offered to you is Guilin International Travel Service Co., Ltd. But our company’s name is China International Travel Service Guilin (CITS Guilin). We are almost the largest travel agency in Guilin. Our base is in Guilin. We are different.

Therefore, I cannot tell whether it is safe or not to book the tour with them. If you are worried and doubted about them, you could email to them and ask them to explain it for you and offer evidence. If you still worry after get their explaining email, you could choose to cancel it, then book with other agency.

Hope the above words are helpful for you.

Best regards